About Greg Erroll


The magic of photography

Hello, my name is Greg and I know what you are thinking about this title : “magic” is so clichet. Ok but is that a fact or not ? In real life, what you see through your eyes is for you only but with photography, you can share your vision and/or your point of view. That I’m trying to do : copy/paste parts of my reality with my photographies showing part of the world like I see into nature, people, construction, a simple line or curve, geometric form from daily life.

We can find some beauty almost everywhere all around us, we have just to watch with attention.


Born in France in 1973, I discovered photography when I was a child in the 70s. I studied art in high school and obtained a diploma “Art and Letters”. I try to enter the school of Fine Arts but my file was not retained. Wishing to create, I apply to the Nancy School of Architecture. My file was retained, I do a first year but it doesn’t work. A little lost at this time, I don’t know what to do anymore and I turned to another passion: computing, a field where I can also create, but without stopping photography.

It was a world in black and white

Childhood, discovering an amazing world

I was brought up by my grandparents; my mother was not of age and was finishing her studies. It was a semi-detached town house but with a garden. I remember flowers, insects and some years a vegetable garden, animals, walks in the forest on Sundays. I am fascinated by the way in which man appropriates the environment to build his society. All seems to be extraordinary well organized. It was a time when we thought that everything was possible, but we didn’t really think about the consequences as we do today.

Work my imagination

With the current frenzy of our all-digital world, it’s a time that seems so far away. 70’s was a time when, in order to communicate, we preferred to meet each other.
Of course, the telephone was not much used except for distant contacts, making appointments or emergencies. It’s also the beginning of consumer television and only 3 channels in France. Having 2 television sets was a real luxury at this time. These 3 channels allow me to discover the world differently than through books. The image on TV was in black and white, so I discovered the world in b/w and I had to imagine the colors : it was an extra-training for my imagination. I don’t know if this is the reason I love B/W photography now.

Polaroid time :: 1st camera

Around 6-7 years old I ask for a camera for my birthday : a Polaroid 1000 type SX-70 (103 mm @ f/14.6 150 ISO) with its instant films limited to 10 shots. At $1.50 each, observing and choosing the right moment teach me to make choices so as not to spoil the pictures… not as we do now with our smartphone.

Everything was gathered to make me discover the world and to amaze me.